About Our Group Training Program

Our group training classes include up to 8 dogs, so your dog will benefit from socialization while mastering new commands. Plus, you’ll get to meet other pup parents yourself. This is a fantastic way to make friends (for both you and your dog!), as well as to find a support system of other dog handlers, so that you can help support each other’s training goals.

These classes are more budget-friendly than our private training classes, but they’re still extremely effective - especially if your dog does well with distractions, gets along well with others, and doesn’t need a lot of focused attention to master a new skill.

While these aren’t as customizable as our other programs, since multiple dogs will be learning at once, they’re a fantastic choice if you’re looking for general training skills or want to focus on socializing your dog.

Is Group Training Your Perfect Fit?

While our group training program is designed to be helpful for the average pup, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your specific dog. Think carefully about your and your pup’s needs, goals, and preferences to determine if it’s the best fit for you both.

  • Would your pup benefit from focused, one-on-one attention?
    If your dog would do better in a setting centered entirely on them, with minimal distractions, then private training is likely a better option for them.
  • Do you need a customizable program?
    Since our group training program has to service many dogs at once, the program isn’t customizable. If you’re looking for a more flexible program, consider private training.
  • Does your pup need help with socialization?
    If your pup needs to work on socializing with other dogs, then our group training program is likely their perfect fit. Keep in mind that if your dog has issues with aggression, however, they’ll need to study online or through private training first.
  • Are you able to train at set times?
    Group training does require you to be available at the agreed-upon times - especially since multiple dogs and pet parents are involved. Online training, however, allows you to train whenever you are able.

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Our Other Dog Training Programs

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