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Dog Academy is your home for the most comprehensive, accessible, and effective dog training courses online. Our courses and educational information have been designed in collaboration with professional, American Kennel Club-certified trainers with more than 25 years of experience - all of whom are deeply passionate about dogs and how they can improve lives.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, affordable, and effective training materials that help forge positive, life-changing relationships between all dogs - whether psychiatric service dogs, emotional support animals, or companions - and their humans.

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Our Key Tenets

  • Circle Checkmark Positive reinforcement and reward-based training

    Not only is this approach highly effective, but it helps to encourage happier, healthier dogs - as well as a stronger, more stable bond between the trainer and their canine companion.

  • Circle Checkmark Comprehensive information for all dog lovers

    Whether you're an expert trainer looking for the latest techniques, a first-time dog owner trying to teach your dog to “stay,” or someone who needs to train their dog to perform psychiatric service tasks, we offer all the information you could need.

  • Circle Checkmark Accessibility for all

    No matter how experienced in training you are, if you have a psychiatric disability, or what kind of dog you have, we've tailored our resources to be accessible and helpful to everyone.

  • Circle Checkmark Dogs themselves!

    Whether your pup is a psychiatric service dog or simply your beloved companion, we know how much they mean to you - and we love them for that!


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Our Dog Trainers

Jordan Lowery

Jordan Lowery


Jordan started her career with dogs at age 15. She worked in shelters and boarding facilities before beginning her career as a trainer in 2015. Jordan recently sat for her CPDT-KA exam and passed with flying colors. She has also applied for her AKC CGC Evaluator certification.

Lydia Bagley

Lydia Bagley

CPDT-KA, CBCC, CGC Evaluator, APDC Training Facilitator

Lydia started her career training horses after college and shifted to dog training in 2018. She earned her CPDT-KA in 2019, AKC CGC Evaluator in 2021, and passed the CBCC exam in the fall of 2021.

Our Dogs

Luna Raptor Profile

Luna Raptor S.

1.5-year-old Golden Retriever

She is a certified Therapy dog through ATD and loves to play fetch!

Annie Profile

Annie R.

15-week-old Golden Retriever

She loves food and belly rubs! Her parents are hoping to certify her as a therapy dog in the future.

Buddy Profile

Buddy A.

1.5-year-old, field-bred yellow Labrador Retriever

Buddy was bred for hunting but he prefers to be a family companion. He loves to play fetch!

Annabelle Profile

Annabelle C.

2-year-old Golden Retriever

She loves snuggles and spending time on the ranch with her family.

Dandelion Profile

Dandelion J.

9-month-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Dandi loves spending time with her family and hanging out with doggie friends in DayCare!

I can't begin to express what a difference Dog Academy's PSD Training Course has made to my life. Thanks to it, I was able to train my border collie to perform tasks that help me manage my panic attacks and PTSD. I hadn't been able to shop in a crowded store for years, and I would routinely forget my medication or dissociate to the point of forgetting to eat - all of which my dog can help me do now. With the help of Dog Academy, I feel like I've gotten so much of my life back.

- Monique Jastal, Happy Dog Academy Customer, Houston.
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