Dog Training
That Really Works

Create the obedient, well-behaved dog of your dreams in as little as 4 weeks.

Choose the Training Program That's Right For You

Private Training

Our personalized, one-on-one training is our most effective course. Your pup will get their trainer's undivided attention without any distractions, and the training will be tailored to their needs, skills, and personality.

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Group Training

Our group training classes include up to 8 dogs, so your dog will benefit from socialization while mastering new commands. Plus, you'll get to meet other pup parents yourself.

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Online Training

Our flexible online training is our most budget-friendly, and since the video sessions are just like private training, it's also highly effective. You'll get to train when and where you want, and work at your own pace.

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How It Works

Three easy steps to create the obedient, well-behaved dog of your dreams!

Step 1.Tell us about
yourself and your dog(s)

We know your dog is unique. Before making any trainer recommendations, we need to evaluate your goals and your dog's needs.

Step 2.Receive a call from
our dog training concierge

We will recommend the best trainer in our nationwide network based on your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3.Schedule your
first session

Choose a date and time to start training your furry best friend!

A Well Trained Dog Means
Less Stress & A Deeper Bond

Enjoy Walks Without Pulling

When your pup isn't chasing after every squirrel, constantly tugging on their leash, or trying to run off the sidewalk, your walks will be stress-free, relaxing, and fun.

Stop Disruptive Behaviors

Whether your dog jumps on people, digs in the yard, begs for food, whines constantly, runs off, or barks excessively, our training will help them stop.

Leave Your Dog at Home Without Stress

Go to work, run errands, or head out to dinner without worrying that your pup is stressed, destructive, or howling for you.

Go Out in Public With Confidence

Take your dog out and about with you without wondering if they'll misbehave, make a mess, or bother other people or animals.

Socialize at Local Dog Parks

Let your pup have fun running and playing with other dogs at your local dog parks.

Build a Deeper Bond

Our training forges a deep, life-long connection built on trust, respect, and positivity.

What People Are Saying

The Nation's Largest & Most Trusted
Network Of Professional Dog Trainers

With more than 1,000 professional dog trainers across the United States we can handle any breed, any issue, anywhere!

Why Choose Dog Academy?

When choosing a trainer for your dog, only the best will do. At Dog Academy, we’re proud to say we have some of the most dedicated, experienced, passionate, and effective trainers in the nation.

  • Effective Our training methods have been meticulously refined by our team of dog training experts, giving you and your dog the best chance at success. Whether you want to teach your pup basic obedience skills or you're looking to train a sophisticated service dog, we can get the job done.
  • Flexible Because we have a nationwide network of trainers, we can pair you with one who can work with your schedule. Plus, our private training can be customized, and our online courses can be done when and where you prefer!
  • Experienced All of our trainers have multiple years of experience and passed our thorough screening process and background check. If they are a member of the Dog Academy network you can rest assured that they are a top notch trainer.
  • Affordable We aim to make our training as accessible as possible, so we keep our costs low and our quality high. Our online training program is our most cost-effective option, but you'll find our private training and group training programs competitively priced as well.
  • Positive We only use positive, reward-based training methods that work with your dog's psychology. Not only are these the most effective training techniques, but they help ensure your dog is happier, less stressed, and more closely bonded to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give you all the info you need before you begin our service dog training program, we've gathered the answers to the most common questions here.

General Info

We only use positive, reward-based methods in all of our training programs. These work with your dog’s psychology, are highly effective, and help your dog feel happier, less stressed, and more closely bonded with you.

All of our dog trainers have multiple years of experience and go through a thorough screening process and background check. While some of our trainers are AKC certified, this is not true for all of them.

Many find our private training program to be the most successful since it’s customized for your dog and helps them avoid distractions. However, if your dog needs more socialization, group training can be more successful, and our online courses have many of the same benefits as our private training!

Our dog training concierge would be happy to schedule a call between you and your trainer upon request.

Our private trainer program is customized and tailored to your dog’s personality, skill level, and needs.

Yes, our program is designed to teach your dog tasks to help with your diagnosed disability, making them a legally valid service dog. This means once your dog passes the Public Access Test you will receive all the benefits.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a qualifying disability by a licensed mental health or medical professional.

100% full refund as long as you cancel more than 24 hours before your training session.

Private Training

Our trainers will come work with you right in your home! Alternatively, depending on your training goals, you and your trainer may decide to meet in a public, dog friendly location.

The price varies between $75 - $130 per hour depending on your location.

Group Training

As long as your dog is not aggressive toward other dogs, and as long as they aren’t disruptive in class, they’re welcome!

The price varies between $39 - $75 per 1 hour class depending on your location.

Online Training

Our courses are designed to be accessible to everyone. Even if this is your very first time working with a dog, the lessons are both comprehensive and easy-to-follow. Plus, we have additional learning materials to make training easier.

Our online courses start as low as $29.99 and go all the way up to $349.99. We also have a monthly subscription that includes access to all of our courses, unlimited televet sessions, and exclusive discounts at our more than 50 pet partners.

Each dog you’re training must be enrolled themselves. However, we do offer discounts for multiple dogs. They will each receive their own certificate upon graduation!

Get started on your training journey today!