About Dog Academy

Dog Academy is dedicated to providing accessible and effective dog training solutions, both in-person and online. With a vast network of experienced trainers and a wide range of online resources, we're well-equipped to help even the most spirited dogs become well-behaved, content, and healthy companions.

Our Mission

At Dog Academy, our mission is to facilitate affordable and effective dog training, fostering positive, life-enhancing connections between dogs and their human companions.

Our core belief is in nurturing the deep bond between dogs and their owners through effective training methods, making these methods accessible to all who seek them. Our training not only shapes dogs but also transforms lives.

Why Choose Dog Academy?

Joining the Dog Academy team comes with several compelling benefits

Partnership Model
  • Requirements Icon Flexible work arrangement with autonomy
  • Requirements Icon Entrepreneurial opportunities in dog training
  • Requirements Icon No employment restrictions
  • Requirements Icon Direct income impact for motivated trainers
  • Requirements Icon Supportive network for growth
  • Requirements Icon Internal training and collaboration
  • Requirements Icon Networking with hundreds of certified trainers
  • Requirements Icon Participation in community events
Competitive Compensation
  • Requirements Icon Performance-based earnings
  • Requirements Icon High earning potential based on dedication
  • Requirements Icon Transparent pay structure
  • Requirements Icon Incentives and bonuses for top performers
Fast Growing
  • Requirements Icon Expanding opportunities and advancement
  • Requirements Icon Stable and secure environment for trainers
  • Requirements Icon Access to cutting-edge training resources
  • Requirements Icon Ability for career growth leading our regional teams

Our Training Philosophy

At Dog Academy, we adhere to positive reinforcement and reward-based training. These approaches yield exceptional results, leading to happier, healthier dogs, and stronger connections between humans and their four-legged friends. Understanding your dog and effective communication are the keystones of a fulfilling relationship.

In-Person Training

We are actively seeking experienced dog trainers who are passionate about hands-on interactions and forming connections with dogs and their owners. As an In-Person Trainer, your responsibilities include:

  • Conducting in-home or group training sessions for dog owners and their beloved pets.
  • Developing personalized training plans to address behavioral challenges and obedience training.
  • Cultivating lasting relationships with your clients and their furry companions.

If you are a certified dog trainer with a love for in-person training, we invite you to explore this opportunity.

Virtual Training

For individuals comfortable with online platforms and eager to offer training and support through digital means, Dog Academy is expanding its virtual training options. As a Virtual Trainer, your responsibilities include:

  • Delivering training sessions via video conferencing or online platforms, assisting clients from around the world with their dog training needs.
  • Applying your expertise to create a positive impact on dogs and their owners, regardless of their location.

If you have experience with online training and a passion for canine education, we encourage you to explore this exciting opportunity as part of our virtual training team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently our system only allows for one role, and in-person is needed more than virtual. Once updated, and the need is there, we will offer a dual position to our trainers..

Dog Academy takes the stress of marketing and acquiring clients off the trainer’s plate. We do the heavy lifting so our trainers can do what they do best, train dogs.

While having credentials is nice, and important to us, they are not required. We do require a minimum of three years of hands-on experience training dogs.

Currently all available positions are part-time contractors. As we open more leads, this may change.

Our trainers are paid per completed session with a client. In-person training sessions are one hour, and virtual training sessions are 30 minutes.

We have a quick onboarding process that starts the minute you apply! Once we do a brief interview and you have advanced, we send over a background check, questionnaire requesting a bio and picture for our site, and agreement. Upon completion of the onboarding process, you're eligible to start fulfilling dog training requests in your area.

Dog Academy is available across the United States of America.

With Dog Academy, you can work as little or as much as you would like. As our trainer network expands, so will our client base.

A minimum of three years of hands-on experience.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Dog Academy family!