The Best Dog Training in Glendale, Arizona

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In Glendale, there are several types of dog training options available, including obedience training, agility training, behavior modification, and therapy dog training.

Obedience training focuses on teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, and come, as well as leash manners and socialization skills. This type of training can help prevent behavioral problems, improve communication between dogs and their handlers, and enhance the bond between them.

Behavior modification training is designed to address specific behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, and separation anxiety. This type of training requires a customized approach to address each dog’s individual needs and can help improve the dog’s quality of life and prevent dangerous situations.

In a city like Glendale, where dogs and their owners often face busy schedules, crowded public spaces, and diverse communities, having access to different types of dog training options can be beneficial.

Obedience training can help prevent behavior problems that could lead to conflicts or safety issues in crowded public spaces. Agility training can help provide physical and mental stimulation for dogs that may not have access to large outdoor spaces.

Behavior modification training can help address issues that may be more prevalent in urban environments, such as noise phobias or aggression towards other dogs. Finally, therapy dog training can provide a valuable service to people who may be dealing with stress, anxiety, or loneliness in a fast-paced city.

A Quick Look at the Best Dog Training in Glendale, AZ

Please find below a summary table of some of the best dog training options available in Glendale. Later in the article, a more detailed review of each option will be covered.

Trainer Price Training Types Online / In-Person
Dog Academy $49.99–$349.99 Obedience Classes, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training Both
Best By Farr Contact for Details Puppy Training, Beginner Obedience Classes, Advanced Obedience In-Person
Smiles Dog Training $59-$925 Obedience Training, Puppy Classes, Behavior Modification Both
Zoom Room $25-$579 Therapy Dog Training, Agility Classes, Puppy Preschool In-Person
Home Dog Training Positively $175 Puppy Classes, Obedience Training, Trick Classes In-Person
Valley of the Sun Dog Training Contact for Details Obedience Training, Puppy Classes, Aggressive Behavior Training In-Person
Modern Dog Training With Emily Contact for Details Puppy Socialization, Preventative Dog Training In-Person

Online Vs. In-Person Training in Glendale

When it comes to dog training in Glendale, pet owners have the option of choosing between online and in-person training sessions. In-person training sessions involve meeting with a professional dog trainer in a physical location, such as a training facility, park, or in-home setting. On the other hand, online training sessions are conducted virtually, typically through video calls or pre-recorded video lessons.

The advantage of in-person training sessions is that the trainer can directly observe and interact with the dog and provide immediate feedback and corrections. In-person sessions also provide socialization opportunities for dogs to interact with other dogs and humans in a controlled environment.

However, online training sessions offer the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home, and often at a lower cost than in-person sessions. Online training can also be beneficial for shy or anxious dogs who may not be comfortable in a new or unfamiliar environment.
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Perks of Online and In-Person Training in Glendale

Here is a comparison table outlining the pros of online and in-person dog training sessions in Glendale:

Online Training In-Person Training
Immediate Feedback x
Flexible Schedule x
One-on-One Instruction
Study at Your Own Pace x
Socialization Opportunities x

The Best Dog Training in Glendale

Here are some of the best dog trainers in Glendale, who are highly recommended by previous clients and offer a variety of training options tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog and owner.

Dog Academy

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training, Emotional Support Animal Training, Specialty Classes (e.g. Canine Confidence, Separation Anxiety)
  • Price Range: $49.99-$349.99
  • Link to Website: Dog Academy Basic Obedience Training Program
  • Phone Number: 605-223-1971

Dog Academy is a fantastic location to take your dog for training; they use enjoyable, effective, and non-coercive positive reinforcement training.  Dog Academy has a huge selection of puppy training, obedience, and trick training classes.

All Dog Academy’s trainers are AKC-certified and have over 25 years of combined expertise. They can assist with advanced training requirements like reactivity, separation anxiety, barking, and training for service or emotional support dogs. You can access Dog Academy training in-person in groups or via private training sessions. Alternatively, you can utilize their virtual training service.

Best By Farr

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy Training, Beginner Obedience Classes, and Advanced Obedience
  • Price Range: Contact for Details
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 4930 W Torrey Pines Cir, Glendale, AZ 85308
  • Phone Number: 602-931-7202

Best By Farr offers structured and successful dog training based on rewards and positive reinforcement. Best By Farr was founded by Chris Farr, who also supervises all of the trainers and dogs while they train there.

The Best By Farr Dog Training program ensures that dogs are socialized with children, other dogs, and surroundings that they would encounter in real life. Your dog can burn off some surplus energy while receiving mental and physical stimulation through learning tasks.

Smiles Dog Training

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience Training, Puppy Classes, and Behavior Modification
  • Price Range: $59-$925
  • Link to Website:
  • Phone Number: 602-962-8764

Smiles Dog Training only uses humane and fear-free techniques such as positive reinforcement to train dogs.  CPDT-KA certified trainer Sara Miles uses the LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) approach.

Smiles Dog Training exclusively provides private training sessions as packages because training dogs requires commitment. Since there is no quick remedy for training dogs, most clients require at least four training sessions. Smiles Dog Training offers virtual courses, including Multi-Dog Households, Mayhem to Mellow, and Foundations for Scared Fidos, in addition to the private lesson package.

Zoom Room

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Therapy Dog Training, Agility Classes, Obedience Training, and Puppy Preschool
  • Price Range: $25-$579
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 7439 West Bell Rd. Suite A-1, Peoria, AZ 85382
  • Phone Number: 623-850-1342

At Zoom Room in Peoria, you can access in-person and virtual dog training created using positive reinforcement techniques. Their facility boasts a climate-controlled indoor dog gym with space for playgroups, enrichment programs, and group training sessions. To ensure your pet will enjoy the training sessions as much as possible, the team includes games, puzzles, and exercise in them.

A variety of useful dog accessories made in America are available at Zoom Room. They sell eco-friendly toys, collars, harnesses, puzzles, all-natural snacks, and freshly baked Doggy Donuts.

Home Dog Training Positively

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy Classes, Obedience Training, and Trick Classes
  • Price Range: $175
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 310 N Cottonwood Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85234
  • Phone Number: 480-892-8862

Sharon Witherspoon is a Victoria Stilwell certified dog trainer and the owner of Home Dog Training Positively. Sharon believes using punishment during training is unacceptable; this includes causing fear or suffering. This belief is the core philosophy of Home Dog Training Positively.

Home Dog Training Positively uses only positive reinforcement methods across all of its group sessions, private lessons, and online courses. Sharon can also help your dog prepare for the AKC STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and Community Canine tests.

Valley of the Sun Dog Training

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience Training, Puppy Classes, and Aggressive Behavior Training
  • Price Range: Contact for Details
  • Link to Website:
  • Phone Number: 520-518-7979

Valley of the Sun is a reward-based dog training service in Phoenix, and Hunter Witty is the lead trainer. Hunter has experience working with behavioral challenges, such as aggression and anxiety. Valley of the Sun also offers basic obedience training and puppy-specific training. The  Canine Trade Group is an exclusive training school and network of training and veterinary professionals that are affiliated with Valley of the Sun Dog Training

Modern Dog Training With Emily

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy Socialization and Preventative Dog Training
  • Price Range: Contact for Details
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 2436 W. Dahlia Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85029
  • Phone Number: 623-252-7370

Emily Sianez holds Dog Trainer certifications from the Animal Behavior College. In all of her training, Emily employs strategies that are positive and free of fear.  She believes preventative training is the way forward because it is much easier to try and avoid the bad behaviors before they even start than to try and fix them later.

By providing private training sessions, Emily can give one-on-one attention and tailor a training plan for each client’s needs.

Find the Right Dog Training for You

Choosing the right dog trainer in Glendale can be a daunting task, but it is important to find a trainer who can provide effective and humane training methods that align with your goals and values. Start by considering the type of training that you are looking for, whether it’s obedience training, behavior modification, agility training, or therapy dog training.

Next, visit the facility or talk to the trainer to get a sense of their approach and philosophy, and ask any questions you may have. Consider factors such as location, scheduling, and cost, and choose a trainer who can offer a customized approach that suits the individual needs and abilities of your dog.

With the right dog trainer, you can help your furry friend become a well-behaved and happy companion.