The Best Dog Training in Boston,MA

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Boston is a historical city filled with statues, museums, and memorials. A lot of what the United States stands for today was discussed and fought over in Boston, Massachusetts. If you’re a resident of Boston that owns a dog or plans on moving to the city with a dog, getting the proper dog training makes a huge difference. With adequate training, you and your furry companion can visit the city’s historic locations and memorials without your dog barking or growling at others.

Boston is also one of the less dense cities in the country, so the training needs to be tailored to an urban environment with lots of open areas. The good news is that we’re here to help. We’re going to take you through six of the best online and in-person dog trainers in Boston. Read on to discover everything you need to know below.

A Look at the Best Dog Trainers in Boston

Trainer Price Range Training Types Online In-Person
Dog Academy $49.99-$349.99 Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Service Dog Training Yes Yes
Fingers and Paws Dog Training $175 – $580 Basic Obedience Training, Dog Training for Expectant Families or Families With Children Yes Yes
The Online Dog Trainer $47-$99 Puppy Coach, The Dog Calming Code, Potty Training Yes No
Equilibrium Canine Training and Behavior Contact for price Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Specialized Courses No Yes
The Pawsitive Dog Consultation-based Dog Boarding with Training, Behavior Modification, Temperament Testing  No  Yes
Colonial Dog Training Flat fee, contact for pricing Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Speciality Training (Food Aggression, Territorial Aggression) No Yes
Petco $99-$379 Puppy Essentials, Adult Dog Basics, Group Sessions Yes Yes


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Online vs. In-Person Training

For dog training in Boston, there are two types of training options. You can choose online dog training, which is typically done through video calls and owner-based techniques, or you can choose in-person dog training. In-person dog training is more in-depth but requires a professional trainer to be in your home. However, some in-person trainers do have specified locations you need to take your dog. If you’re unsure about which dog training method works for you, we’re going to compare the benefits of each type.

Perks of Online and In-Person Training

Online and in-person dog training are similar, but they have a few key differences. First and foremost, online dog training is done entirely through the internet, whereas in-person training is done face-to-face. The benefits of online training are that scheduling appointments are easier, appointments are more affordable, and you can get more appointments for your money. Plus, online dog training is less risky and can be done in group sessions to lower the cost.

On the other hand, in-person dog training also has benefits. In-person dog training is beneficial because your dog can bond with the trainer. After all, they spend time with them face-to-face. For some dogs, this is a game-changer and essential for training. That said, you should always begin with online training to test the waters.

Online Training In-Person Training
Individualized Instruction ✔️ ✔️
Many Types of Training ✔️ X
Socialize Your Dog X ✔️
Flexible ✔️ X
Trainers Can Come to Your Home X ✔️


The Best Dog Training in Boston

When it comes to dog training in Boston, we always recommend starting with online training because it can help gauge your dog’s needs; however, in-person training can be great for dogs that require extra attention. Below is our list of the best online and in-person dog training in Boston.

1). Dog Academy

dog tag saying dog academy #1 pick

Online or In-Person: Both

Types of Training Courses: Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training, Emotional Support Animal Training, Specialty Classes (e.g. Canine Confidence, Separation Anxiety)

Price Range: $49.99 – $349.99

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Link to Website: Dog Academy Basic Obedience Training Program

Phone Number: (605) 223-1971

When it comes to training dogs online or in-person, look no further than DogAcademy. As one of the pioneers of online dog training, all of their courses are designed by AKC-certified trainers, and since they have 24/7 support, you’re never on your own. DogAcademy also works with a collection of the best dog trainers from across the country, including Boston, so you can get highly effective in-person training if you prefer. Having dog trainers from across the country helps the trainers connect to dogs and owners on a personal level and helps the trainers provide state-specific dog training. For example, the team has behavior courses that can help dogs adjust to Boston’s urbanized landscape. DogAcademy also has some of the best courses for dog training. There’s a wide variety of courses that range from basic obedience to advanced behavioral changes and even psychiatric service dog training. DogAcademy is also affordable and our top choice for getting started with dog training (online or in-person).

2). Fingers and Paws Dog Training

Online or In-Person: Online and In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Group Training, Behavioral Issues, Basic Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Dog Training for Expectant Families or Families With Children

Price Range: $175 – $580

Link to Website:

Address: 6 Wadleigh PI, Boston, MA 02127

Phone Number: (978) 496-7289

Founded by experienced trainer Lisa Bert, Fingers and Paws Dog Training takes a very family-focused approach to dog training. The center specializes in basic obedience training and the training of behavioral issues in dogs that are living in homes with children of all ages, and with families that are expectant. The main training philosophy of Fingers and Paws is one that works to improve the lives of pets and their owners through positive training methods and effective clicker training.

3). The Online Dog Trainer

Online or In-Person: Online

Types of Training Courses: Puppy Coach, The Dog Calming Code, Potty Training Made Easy, Easy Way to an Obedient Dog, Doggie Dan’s Dog Training Academy

Price Range: $47-$99

Link to Website:

Email Address:

The Online Dog Trainer has helped more than 57,000 dog owners train their dogs. Instead of focusing on training all of these dogs, the website has created several courses that owners can download to teach their dog behaviors, tricks, and even sports. Some courses have videos from Doggy Dan, who is a renowned dog trainer with decades of training experience. In fact, many people suggest that Doggy Dan is a dog whisperer, so it’s hard to find comparable services online. Another unique feature of Doggy Dan’s online courses is that there is a course that can help dog owners become certified trainers. If you’re passionate about dog training, we recommend working with Doggy Dan for this reason.

4). Equilibrium Canine Training and Behavior

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral Issues, Basic Obedience Training, Advanced Obedience Training, Specialized Courses for Newly Adopted Dogs, Dog Training Immersion Program

Price Range: Contact for Price

Link to Website:

Phone Number: (617) 501-3243

Equilibrium Canine Training and Behavior is owned and operated by trainer Nick de Moraes, who started his journey as a trainer after adopting a dog of his own. The center is dedicated to paying close attention to how the dogs in training feel and react during the training process, tailoring training solutions to fit their needs, and ensuring both the dogs and owners and comfortable during this learning period. Equilibrium offers both basic and advanced obedience training in addition to training for behavioral issues and specialized courses for newly adopted dogs.

5). The Pawsitive Dog

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Dog Boarding with Training, Dog-Sitting (in-home), Overnight Training, Animal Rescue, Baby Prep, Behavior Modification, Canine Assessment, Canine Handling, Day Training, Dog Handling, Dog Owner Education, Group Classes, Home Visits, Police Dog Training, Sport Dog Training, Temperament Testing, Training Classes

Price Range: Consultation-based

Link to Website:

Address: 274 Southampton St, Boston, MA 02118

Phone Number: (617) 541-1000

The Pawsitive Dog has been around for more than two decades. Founded in 1998, the organization has stood the test of time by helping owners form long-term, healthy bonds with their canine companions. The team at The Pawsitive Dog focuses on training dogs with in-depth courses, positive reinforcement, professionalism, and devotion to each client. Overall, The Pawsitive Dog likes to make the dog training experience feel positive and personal. Compared to some larger dog training services, this is a welcoming approach.

6). Colonial Dog Training

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral Issues, Basic Obedience Training, Advanced Obedience Training, In-Home Training, Speciality Training (Food Aggression, Territorial Aggression), Puppy Training

Price Range: Flat fee, contact for pricing

Link to Website:

Phone Number: (617) 209-7721

Colonial Dog Training employs trainers with years of experience, and the center specializes in training dogs with minor or major problems. Behavioral issues, including multiple types of aggression and anxiety, are addressed by the trainers, and dogs will benefit from patient, consistent, and expert training techniques. Colonial Dog Training charges one flat fee for their dog training courses, and training won’t be concluded until both you and the trainers are happy with all that your dog has achieved.

7). Petco

Online or In-Person: Both (location pending)

Types of Training Courses: Puppy Essentials, Puppy Complete Package, Puppy Level 2, Adult Dog Basics, Adult Dog Intermediate, Private Lessons, Group Sessions

Price Range: $99 to $379

Link to Website:

Phone Number: 1 (800) 222-1111

Petco is another great online dog training service. When compared to smaller dog trainers in Boston, Petco is in a league of its own because of the company’s access to various resources. Some examples include general pet supplies, in-person storefront locations, and even in-person training sessions. Petco is also great for online training because the company has access to a huge database of dog knowledge and qualified dog trainers. When it comes to working with Petco, you also don’t have to worry about risk. This is due to the company’s large size and guarantees. Keep in mind that Petco is best-suited for basic training and dog walking. Anything too complicated and Petco becomes less reliable.

Find the Right Boston Dog Trainer for You

When it comes to finding the right Boston dog trainer, you need to consider the layout of the city and what you’re looking to accomplish. Because Boston isn’t as densely packed as Manhattan, it’s important to train your dog for more open areas. Before making any choices, we always recommend getting an online consultation through DogAcademy. DogAcademy is inexpensive and friendly and can help you determine if online training is right for you. Furthermore, DogAcademy can also be a stepping stone before you pursue in-person training.

Still, finding the best dog trainer for your dog is personal. Make sure you look into each option carefully before deciding because having your dog train with the wrong person has consequences. Consequences that can cost you time and money to fix. Luckily, our list of the best dog trainers in Boston consists of carefully vetted dog trainers with excellent reputations and reviews.