The Best Dog Training in Reno, NV

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In a city like Reno, where outdoor activities are popular, and dogs are often taken on hikes or walks, obedience and agility training can be particularly beneficial. Well-trained dogs are more likely to be able to enjoy outdoor activities safely and can be trusted to obey commands and stay under control. Additionally, dogs that have had obedience or agility training are more likely to be well-behaved in public spaces, which can help prevent conflicts with other dogs or people.

There are several dog training options available in Reno, each with its own set of benefits and focus areas.

One popular type of training is obedience training, which focuses on teaching dogs basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. This can be especially beneficial for puppies or adult dogs without previous training and can help improve communication between dogs and their handlers. Obedience training can also help address behavioral problems such as jumping, barking, and biting, and can lead to a more obedient and well-behaved dog.

Another type of training available in Reno is agility training, which involves teaching dogs to navigate through obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. This type of training is ideal for high-energy dogs that need a physical outlet and can help improve their overall fitness and coordination. Agility training can also help build confidence in shy or timid dogs and provide a fun and engaging activity for dogs and their handlers to do together. Overall, the different types of dog training available in Reno can help improve the relationship between dogs and their handlers, and provide a fun and rewarding experience for both.

A Quick Look at the Best Dog Training in Reno

Before diving into each dog training option in detail, below is a summary table of the best dog training options available in Reno, highlighting their key features and benefits.

Trainer Price Training Types Online / In-Person
Dog Academy $49.99-$349.99 Obedience classes, puppy training, psychiatric service dog training Both
Hufflepup Dog Training $75-$350 Puppy training, tricks, agility training In-Person
Fur and Feather Works $130-$295 Puppy kindergarten, walkabout classes, canine good citizen In-Person
Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club $120-$150  Scent work, agility, and therapy dog training In-Person
Dog Training By PJ $30-$200 Puppy kindergarten, trick training, agility classes In-Person
Barkside Dogs $30-$100 Basic obedience, leash walking, reactivity issues In-Person
Crag Dog Training $135-$299 Puppy training, basic manners, outdoor skills Both
Zoom Room $25-$579 Agility classes, obedience training, puppy preschool Both

Online Vs. In-Person Training in Reno

Dog owners in Reno have the option of choosing between online or in-person dog training sessions, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In-person training allows for more personalized attention and immediate feedback, while online training provides greater flexibility and convenience. Ultimately, the choice between online or in-person training will depend on individual preferences and the specific needs of each dog and their owner.
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Perks of Online and In-Person Training in Reno

Both online and in-person training have their own unique benefits, and the choice between the two will depend on the individual needs and preferences of the dog owner and their dog. Here’s a quick comparison table outlining the pros of online and in-person dog training in Reno:

Online Training In-Person Training
Personalized Sessions
Interactive and Engaging
Socialization Opportunities x
Cost Effective x

The Best Dog Training in Reno

If you’re looking for the best dog trainers in Reno, you’re in luck! Reno is home to a variety of highly skilled and experienced dog trainers who can help you and your furry friend achieve your training goals. Below are some of the top dog trainers in Reno, each with their own unique approach to dog training.

1.) Dog Academy

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  • Online or In-Person: Online and In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training, Emotional Support Animal Training, Specialty Classes (e.g., Canine Confidence, Separation Anxiety)
  • Price Range: $49.99 – $349.99
  • Link to Website: Dog Academy Basic Obedience Training Program
  • Phone Number: (605) 223-1971

Dog Academy is one of the best locations to go for both in-person and online instruction. Many courses are offered, such as those for crate training, fundamental obedience, training for psychiatric care dogs, training for emotional support dogs, leash manners, and tricks.

Additionally, there are programs to help with serious behavioral issues, including separation anxiety and harmful behaviors like barking and reactivity.

All of Dog Academy’s courses were developed by certified American Kennel Club trainers with more than 25 years of expertise. It’s easy to contact the trainers if you have any questions regarding their virtual training service by phone, email, or the contact form on the website. If you’d prefer to learn in person, they also have a dozen trainers that serve every American city.

2.) Hufflepup Dog Training

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy training, obedience classes, tricks, and agility training
  • Price Range: $75-$350
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 1160 E Huffaker Ln, Reno, NV 89511
  • Phone Number: (530) 302-5498

Owner and operator Jennifer Pepper has a B.A. in psychology and has spent more than ten years instructing people and training animals. At Hufflepup, they value developing a bond and relationship with your dog based on trust and comprehension. They employ scientifically based positive reinforcement training techniques that not only let our dogs learn without worrying about punishment but also help them pick up new skills more quickly and with greater enthusiasm.

3). Fur and Feather Works

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience classes, puppy kindergarten, walkabout classes, and canine good citizen
  • Price Range: $130-$295
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 9475 Double R Blvd., Ste 12, Reno, NV 89521
  • Phone Number: (775) 420-2322

For the Reno area, Fur and Feather Works offers private dog training, group dog training, puppy training programs, cat training lessons, and bird training classes. Long-term, practical solutions are their aim, and they can even train your animal for you. Fur and Feather Works makes sure that they only train your pets with the most modern, scientifically based, and force-free techniques available.

4). Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience classes, puppy training, scent work, agility, and therapy dog training
  • Price Range: $120-$150
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 1901 Silverada Blvd, Unit #6, Reno, NV 89512
  • Phone Number: (775) 747-7387​

AKC-certified training club Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club is a non-profit organization that serves the Reno/Sparks region. They provide certification exams for STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and Therapy Dog, as well as lessons in obedience, agility, tricks, and scent work. They accept dogs of every breed, including mixed breeds, and owners of all ages, skill levels, and experience levels. Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club believes in positive training methods that promote a strong bond of love and respect between you and your dog.

5). Dog Training By PJ

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy kindergarten, adolescent dogs training, trick training, and agility classes
  • Price Range: $30-$200
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 5303 Louie Lane #19, Reno, NV 89511
  • Phone Number: (775) 828-0748

Positive reinforcement training is employed at Dog Training by PJ, which means that the desired behaviors are continually rewarded—positive reinforcement, instead of coercion, can persuade our dogs to willingly offer us the behaviors we want. Dog Training by PJ won’t risk damaging the relationships with any canines through force and punishment, and they don’t risk the physical harm that can occur using punishment-based tools.

6). Barkside Dogs

  • Online or In-Person: In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Basic obedience, leash walking, and reactivity issues
  • Price Range: $30-$100
  • Link to Website:
  • Phone Number: (775) 895-9406

Barkside Dogs has been assisting reactive and hostile dogs for the past seven years. Their breadth of expertise can be used to strengthen the bond between you and your dog because they have experience in dog behavior, enrichment, and training. Barkside has certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialists (C.C.T.B.S.) and Advanced Canine Training Professionals (C.A.C.T.P.) via the Animal Behavior Institute of North Carolina, in addition to years of expertise.

7). Crag Dog Training

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy training, basic manners, and outdoor skills
  • Price Range: $130-$299
  • Link to Website:
  • Phone Number: (530) 430-8497

Sonomi, VSA-CDT started training dogs when a dog she adopted began to display fear and aggression-based behaviors. After doing a lot of studies, she discovered reward-based dog training—a way to educate dogs mainly through positive reinforcement to produce long-lasting behavior change. It entails employing humane training techniques, including redirection instead of correction, and making learning enjoyable for our pets.

8). Zoom Room

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Therapy dog training, agility classes, obedience training, and puppy preschool
  • Price Range: $25-$579
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 13925 S Virginia Street #200, Reno, NV 89511
  • Phone Number: (775) 391-0144

The Zoom Room utilizes only positive dog training methods, which your entire family can easily master and embrace. As you learn to interact with your dog more successfully, you will be actively involved in the training of your dog and working together as a team. So, what you learn in the Zoom Room need not remain there. Among the top dog trainers in Reno, Nevada, their indoor dog training facility offers small group sessions in agility, obedience, puppy, and socialization.

Find the Right Dog Training for You

With so many dog trainers to choose from in Reno, finding the right one for you and your dog can seem overwhelming. However, by considering your training goals, budget, and individual preferences, you can narrow down your search and find a trainer that meets your needs.

One important factor to consider when choosing a dog trainer is their training approach. Some trainers may specialize in obedience training, while others may focus on agility or behavioral issues. Researching each trainer’s approach and reading reviews from past clients can give you a better sense of their strengths and what they can offer you and your dog.

Another important consideration is cost. Dog training rates can vary widely depending on the trainer’s experience and level of expertise, as well as the type of training you are seeking. It’s important to have a clear understanding of a trainer’s fees and what is included in their services before committing to a training program.

Overall, finding the right dog trainer in Reno requires some research and careful consideration. By taking the time to evaluate your individual needs and researching different trainers in the area, you can find a trainer that is the right fit for you and your furry friend.