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child with shiba inu in garden
Japanese Dog Breeds: Your Expert Guide
Japanese dog breeds are unique, and notable for their varied appearances. While some Japanese dog breeds might be commonly encountered today, others are a little more rare to see out and about in the United States. Our article gives you information about Japanese dog breeds so you can learn more about these distinctive dogs or decide…
dog sleeping on blue chair
Best Lazy Dog Breeds for a Laid-Back Home
Let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or energy to take their dog running for miles every day--and that’s okay! The happiest human-canine relationships are all about compatibility, so if you’re not the outdoorsy type, there’s still a dog out there that’s perfect for you. If you’re starting your search for the perfect couch-potato dog,…
samoyed sitting in field of daisies
Fluffy Dog Breeds
There are hundreds of different dog breeds around today, and with such a range of diversity, there are plenty of different dog coats and fur types. You may encounter hairless dogs, dogs with short fine hair, or dogs with fluffy hair and cloud-like coats that you’ll want to keep petting. If you want to adopt a…
dog barking while man holds leash
Most Aggressive Dog Breeds
Dogs are one of man’s best friends. Plenty of breeds of dogs around today have evolved alongside humans, providing companionship, helping with essential tasks, and guarding or protecting their human companions. Some dogs, however, have a reputation for being aggressive. These are the dog breeds that you may want to be wary around, especially if you…
happy dog lying on back
Least Aggressive Dog Breeds
While all dogs have the ability to bite or act aggressively, certain dog breeds have a stronger reputation for this behavior than others. Adding a dog to your family is an important decision, and many individuals want to stay informed about the breeds that are least likely to act aggressively, have a high prey drive,…
Dog lying down in crate on blanket
Crate Training a Dog With Separation Anxiety
Our dogs are social animals that love nothing more than being by our side. However, the strong bond they share with us can lead many to become anxious and stressed when they’re alone. This can reveal itself in destructive behaviors such as barking, whining, and chewing. Dogs with separation anxiety can be extremely difficult to crate…
Yellow lab running through a field toward camera
How to Teach a Dog to Come
If you’ve recently brought home a puppy or rescued a dog from a shelter, then you’re likely ready to work on basic obedience training. One of the most important skills you can teach your dog is to come when called. This skill is crucial as it can be life-saving. For example, if your dog were to…

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