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great dane looking down at chihuahua
The Best Dog Breeds Under 15 Pounds
Toy-sized pups get a bad rap for not being “proper” canines, but if you get to know them? You’ll find that they boast larger-than-life personalities and are just as lovable as big dogs! Not only that, but toy-sized pups are also utterly adorable, a lot more manageable, and typically have longer lifespans. There are plenty of…
golden retriever laying on a couch
Best Large Dogs for Apartments
It is not uncommon to wonder whether large dog breeds are suitable for apartments. Some shelters also require a yard in your house to adopt certain large dog breeds. Regardless of all the myths and assumptions, the size of a dog breed is only one of the important factors to consider when living in an…
dog on a boat
The Best Boat Dogs
There's no better way to enjoy a beautiful summer day than spending time out on the water. Whether you’re someone who loves to fish, or if you have a boat to relax on in the summer, boats are a great vehicle that most people can enjoy. That said, you might worry about your dog if you…
dog in air biting frisbee
Most Playful Dogs – Top 15 Breeds
Dogs bring joy into our homes: the endless energy, the playful barks, and the tail that won’t stop wagging. They’re bundles of joy, especially the playful ones. Knowing which breeds love to play can make all the difference if you’re dreaming of adding a four-legged friend to your family. Having a playful dog is like having…
senior woman sat with golden retriever
10 Best Dogs for Seniors
Hitting your senior years can feel daunting, and oftentimes, it can be incredibly lonely. In fact, studies have shown that one in three seniors in the US suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation. But you shouldn’t have to navigate this stage of life alone. A fluffy companion can help keep loneliness at bay, and they…
great pyrenees stands before person
Low Energy Guard Dogs
Dogs are wonderful companions who can also help us feel safe, especially if they’ve been bred to protect the homestead. However, many such breeds tend to be quite active and high energy, which can be hard to handle if you work full-time, have a family, or otherwise don’t have a lot of free time. If you’re…
cocker spaniel on beach
Most Active Dog Breeds
Dogs were bred for all different purposes, and as a result, their energy levels can differ significantly. Some dogs are proud lap dogs who prefer to spend their time snoozing in the sun, while others are balls of energy who thrive on hours (and we’re talking hours) of vigorous exercise. Today, we’ll be focusing on the…
woman blows nose next to dog
Big Hypoallergenic Dogs
If you love dogs but have allergies, you may be wondering if there is any possible way to live with them. You may be thinking there are specific breeds out there that won’t irritate your symptoms. Unfortunately, the “hypoallergenic” dog is nothing more than a myth. However, that doesn’t mean you’re without hope. It is possible…
dog in cage
Adopting a Puppy Mill Dog: An In-Depth Guide
Puppy mill dogs are survivors who have endured extreme hardships in their lives. They have grown up in horrendous, unsanitary conditions and have never had an opportunity to experience a home where they can feel safe, secure, and loved. Adopting a puppy mill dog is one of the most compassionate, meaningful things you can do as…

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