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Dog lying down in crate on blanket
Crate Training a Dog With Separation Anxiety
Our dogs are social animals that love nothing more than being by our side. However, the strong bond they share with us can lead many to become anxious and stressed when they’re alone. This can reveal itself in destructive behaviors such as barking, whining, and chewing. Dogs with separation anxiety can be extremely difficult to crate…
Yellow lab running through a field toward camera
How to Teach a Dog to Come
If you’ve recently brought home a puppy or rescued a dog from a shelter, then you’re likely ready to work on basic obedience training. One of the most important skills you can teach your dog is to come when called. This skill is crucial as it can be life-saving. For example, if your dog were to…
Potty Training a Stubborn Puppy
Potty Training a Stubborn Puppy
While new puppies are irresistibly adorable, they take a lot of work to properly train. It can almost feel like having a new human baby in the home when you have a puppy who is only a few months old join your family. There are so many things to teach a new puppy so that…
Australian shepherd shakes a hand holding a clicker
How Often Should I Train My Dog?
Whether you have just adopted your first puppy or are a long-time dog owner, you may be feeling a little confused about how often you should train your dog. This is because you’ll see different answers from different trainers, and most classes you can take your dog to last around an hour. We’re going to try…
owner training small dog outside
How to Teach Your Dog to Play Dead
Teaching your dog new tricks is a fun way to bond with your pup and increase their overall obedience. One of the most classic tricks you can teach your dog is to play dead – this skill is a great way to impress your friends while giving your dog extra love and attention. To help you…
miniature pinscher barking on a leash
Reactive Dog Training Tips
Does your dog lunge, growl, or bark every time it sees something moving? If so, then you may have a reactive dog on your hands. Reactivity is a strong reaction to stimuli in a dog’s environment. Whether it’s a sound, person, animal, or situation, reactive dogs can be difficult to deal with. This is especially the…
australian shepherd dog upside down on couch
How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over
Teaching your dog new skills is a great way to encourage good behavior, spend quality time with your pup, and keep them mentally engaged. All of these things can improve the bond between you and your dog and help to enhance both of your daily enjoyment. The roll over command is one of the more…
Red-colored dog barking against a yellow background
How To Teach a Dog to Speak and Be Quiet
It’s a little ironic that many people find barking to be annoying yet think it’s cute if a dog can do it on cue. Irony aside, “speak” is definitely a fun trick that will impress your friends, and there is value in training it. Not only does trick training provide your dog with enrichment, but in…
dog performing paw for owner
Dog Training Hand Signals
Our canine companions find body language much easier to process and understand than verbal communication. Incorporating hand signals into your dog’s training – and not just relying on voice commands – will therefore bring forth quicker and more effective results. In this guide, we’ll cover all the benefits of using dog training hand signals, and more…

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