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Bernedoodle sitting in a chair wearing a tie

Bernedoodle: Dog Breed Guide

Bernedoodles are a cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the standard poodle. They are cuddly, affectionate, playful, and love receiving attention from their owners, which makes them a good addition to any family. However, there are some items that you should keep in mind as you look to adopt this dog and determine whether…

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Caramel and white bichpoo licks its nose

Bichon Poodle: Your Complete Guide

The bichon poodle is a mixed breed created by crossing a bichon frise and a poodle. This mix has a couple of fun nicknames, too, such as poochon and bichpoo (the ch on both makes a sh sound). This little breed is incredibly adorable and has a fantastic temperament. They truly make wonderful family dogs. In…

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Brown and white shichon puppy sits outside

Shichon: Your Complete Guide

The bichon frise Shih Tzu mix goes by many names: shichon, zuchon, even teddy bear. This small mixed breed is adorable and has a great personality. If you want to know more about the shichon, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared an in-depth guide to this breed and will be answering every question…

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Charcoal poosky with sand on its muzzle

Husky Poodle: Your Complete Guide

The husky poodle mix has a number of nicknames, including huskydoodle, huskypoo (huskipoo), siberpoo, Siberian huskypoo, hoodle, and poosky. This breed is friendly, energetic, and loving. They’re wonderful dogs but aren’t the best choice for everyone. Let’s learn more about this breed so you can determine if the huskypoo is right for you. This article will…

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Australian labradoodle laying outside

Australian Labradoodle: Dog Breed Guide

The Australian labradoodle is an interesting, unique mixed dog breed that differs from the regular labradoodle thanks to the many breeds that are found in its lineage. This pup is bred to be intelligent, social, and helpful, and the poodle lineage of this dog allows them to be low-shedding and low-dander, helping people with dog…

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hands holding up maltese puppy

Maltese Poodle: Dog Breed Guide

The Maltese poodle, often nicknamed a ‘Maltipoo,’ is a small dog breed known for its adaptable, friendly, and affectionate temperament. Many individuals love these dogs for their perfect apartment-friendly size, the fun and playful spirit they bring to families, and their relatively easy-to-train nature. However, some people may be wondering if the Maltese poodle is…

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Deer head Chihuahua looking at something outside

Deer Head Chihuahua: Dog Breed Guide

The deer head Chihuahua is known for its feisty and sassy attitude, much like other types of Chihuahua. This breed makes for a loving, loyal dog but may be a challenge to work with for newer dog owners. However, many individuals love the small size of this pup and enjoy their high-energy nature, in addition…

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Maltese with pink bow rests its head on lilacs

Teacup Maltese: Your Complete Guide

There’s something about tiny things—they are just so adorable. The Maltese is already a diminutive breed, but the teacup is even more miniature! These pups are super cute but, unfortunately, are very rare when it comes to ethical breeding practices. Many teacup breeds, including the teacup Maltese, are produced by inhumane, greedy breeders who use techniques…

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