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woman hugging dog at the shelter

10 Benefits of Adopting a Dog

With their wagging tails and comforting presence, adopting a dog can add a unique touch to your life. It's a heartwarming accomplishment that will bring you joy and a furry best friend who loves you unconditionally. Whether you want a cuddly lap dog to snuggle on the sofa or an energetic companion to join you on…

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happy greying dog sits among wildflowers

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Every year, November serves as Adopt a Senior Pet Month. This month is dedicated to promoting the many wonderful senior pets who are still looking for homes. Senior pets often get overlooked because most adopters prefer younger pets. It’s understandable to want as much time as possible with a beloved pet, but senior pets have a…

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happy woman with labrador support dog

How to Adopt an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dogs are wonderful companions, and these pups bring their owners joy, comfort, and love on a daily basis. Owning an emotional support dog can be life-changing for many individuals who may deal with certain mental health conditions, and the comfort of a loving emotional support dog is often incredibly beneficial. Our article gives…

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