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person training older dog outside

Is It Too Late to Train My Dog?

Contrary to the popular saying, it’s never too late to teach an older dog new tricks! Many individuals may think that when they adopt an older dog or raise a dog that develops undesirable habits in adulthood, all hope is lost for correcting bad behavior or training their dog new skills. However, dogs of any…

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australian shepherd herding sheep

How to Train a Herding Dog

Training a young herding dog can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t familiar with this industrious breed. Not only do these dogs have loads of energy, but they also require mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. However, while working with herding dogs can be tasking, these animals make excellent family pets and can…

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growling chihuahua calmed by hands

How to Train an Aggressive Dog

If your dog barks, growls, and lunges at everything in sight, then they may have an aggression problem. Appeasing your dog when they’re in this state can be difficult and embarrassing, especially if it occurs during public scenarios like your daily walk! While the occasional bark or nip is normal, aggressive behavior is a serious…

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man walking dog off leash

How to Train a Dog Off Leash

For a dog, nothing beats running freely without the hindrance of a leash. Not only does it provide the autonomy to explore and play, but it also means your dog can tap into their instincts and practice their innate problem-solving skills. However, while off-leash activity is great for your dog, adequate training is needed for…

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a golden dog barks while laying on a bed near a girl with a laptop

How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

Dogs are beloved members of our family; they bring us laughter, joy, and unconditional love. Despite this, they can sometimes have annoying habits, and barking is often one of the worst of them. It’s one thing for your dog’s barking to bother you, but it can become a stressful situation if you share walls with neighbors…

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