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Agouti husky puppy sits in the snow

Agouti Husky: Your Complete Guide

Siberian huskies have long been admired for their gorgeous looks, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. Today, we will focus on the stunning agouti husky. This coat pattern is a mix of banded colors and often gives the husky a fierce, wolf-like appearance, but as you will learn in our article,…

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Merle Frenchie puppy laying on cloud

Fluffy Frenchie: Your Complete Guide

French bulldogs are known for having short, coarse hair. That said, some French bulldogs have a gene that causes them to have longer hair. French bulldogs with the LH gene have long and fluffy hair that's soft to the touch. While this gene occurs naturally in some French bulldogs, it's a rare gene that's hard…

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Goldendoodle puppy against a bright yellow background

F1B Goldendoodle: Your Complete Guide

Goldendoodles have gained popularity due to their stellar temperaments and allergy-friendly coats. Not to mention, they’re super cute! Today, we will be talking specifically about the F1B goldendoodle, which is created by breeding a purebred poodle with a first-generation goldendoodle. You’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know about this mixed breed. We’ll be sharing…

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Chiweenie in grass next to a white fence

Chiweenie: Your Complete Guide

Chiweenies are a combination of two dog breeds. The breeds used to create these cute puppies are Chihuahuas and dachshunds. While chiweenies are a highly-sought mixed breed, some of these dogs end up in shelters across the United States. That said, chiweenies are typically a designer breed because of their unique style, small size, and…

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san diego skyline

The Best Dog Training in San Diego

In San Diego, there are many ways to train your dog. If you're worried about where to go or what training service is reputable, you're in the right place. We're going to take you through a handful of the best in-person and online dog training services in San Diego. San Diego is a dense city with…

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Australian shepherd shakes a hand holding a clicker

How Often Should I Train My Dog?

Whether you have just adopted your first puppy or are a long-time dog owner, you may be feeling a little confused about how often you should train your dog. This is because you’ll see different answers from different trainers, and most classes you can take your dog to last around an hour. We’re going to try…

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blue nose pitbull at beach

Blue Nose Pitbull: Your Complete Guide

  If you’ve ever met a blue nose pitbull, you’ll know these are dogs with plenty of joyful energy. And the best part? They’re uniquely colored, too. Blue nose pitbulls are a type of American pitbull terrier with bluish-gray fur. One of the most well-known blue nose pitbulls is Junior Millan, famous not only for his “white…

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